Say hello to the future

CLOOPS HIMS is the next generation hospital management system. It inspires 100% paperless operations, uses state of the art technologies such as artificial intelligence , and data analytics to reduce costs and increase revenue.

CLOOPS HIMS brings in the latest innovations to healthcare industry in India.

We are still developing this product, and its open to only a select few customers. But please feel free to explore our innovative features, and if you want to try our HIMS system, simply reach out to us, we would love to have you onboard with the beta testing.

Mobile First Approach

Doctors, and other staff will access the software system via tablets. The touch-based interface makes it super easy to use, and it looks modern to the visitors, not to mention it’s eco-friendly compared to relying heavily on paper. We will obviously have full-fledged desktop workstations, wherever needed (e.g. reception, Billing counters)

RFID based patient identification

Every patient will be given a RFID card. All the patient medical records can be retrieved by scanning that card from any hospital system. All the tablets, and workstations will be installed with a RFID scanner. Patients with RFID card can directly get an appointment with their doctors via a kiosk placed at the reception to save time and avoid queues.

  • Every doctor’s cabin will have a display placed outside, showing the current queue. Patient’s name will be called out as the queue proceeds. A staff member with a tablet will be their to help assist managing the queue.
  • The doctor will have incoming patient’s record opened on his computer / tablet, as the patient walks in. Doctor will record the symptoms observed and prescription to be given.
  • The system can also suggest drugs and dosages using machine learning by understanding the symptom to drug pattern of that doctor. This will help save time of manually searching and choosing medicines
  • At the pharmacy, the patient will just hand over their RFID card, and the chemist would scan It on their tablet, and the current issued medicines will appear. No need for paper-based prescription. Secure and ecofriendly
  • Prescription can be printed if patient wants to purchase medicine from the outside pharmacy.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

  • All the patient medical information, symptoms, prescription given, laboratory reports, everything will be stored digitally on the hospital server. This information is retrieved by the authorized personnel quite easily by scanning the patient RFID or entering patient number.
  • EMR can also store surgery videos, and other important information used by the medical staff. This part will not be accessible to the patient
  • Some part of the EMR will be made available to the patient, via our website or mobile app
  • Idea is to securely store and retrieve medical records digitally.

Integrated LIS and RIS

  • We have the best in class laboratory management system (Cloud Pathology) It’s highly automated and interfaces with all the lab equipment. You can find more about cloud pathology here

    Learn More About Cloud Pathology

  • We can integrate with any 3rd party PACS system quite easily because of the API based architecture
  • In fact the API based architecture makes it very easy to integrate with any 3rd party systems such as BMS.

Best in class UX

Aim is to enable very speedy operations.

With our experience of designing high performing systems, we will ensure all the workflows have the best user experience and speed necessary to process a large number of patients comfortably.


Aim is to maintain a caring relation with the patients.

We will send out requests for feedbacks via SMS/WhatsApp to the patient / family. In addition to this, we will send out well wishes, and ask for how the patient is feeling from time to time. We can further extend this with post discharge care activities.
We can also use these engagement channels for promotions.

Increased online presence

Hospital website, with attractive, design. The Website will facilitate information regarding hospital, patients, statistics, and research. We can have online appointment scheduling as well, however, it may be perceived as unfair by the walk-in patients. The website will provide access to patient’s EMR via patient number.

All of this functionality can also be delivered in a more personalized way by having a mobile app as well.

Social media integration – for public relations, events, and news.

Best in class financial analytics

Get insights by statistical analysis using BI tools into revenues, and trends. Get doctor-wise, department-wise financial reports generated automatically on a periodic basis.

Standard HIS and other business modules

IPD admission, billing, discharge summary, Pharmacy management, stock management, staff payroll, accounting, expense management, personnel management and HRMS will also be implemented and tailored as per the requirement. Our flexible architecture helps it to integrate with any 3rd party modern software system quite easily.

Data Security

All the data on the storage layer will be encrypted with a military grade 256-bit encryption. We will implement world class data protection standards for backup and recovery.

Hardware and networking

We will implement a hybrid cloud model. We will have one high end server with state-of-the-art storage controllers on hospital premises, and one server on the cloud for online services. We are more than happy to assist in the implementation of a high performing wired, and wireless network of workstations, tablets, and printers all around the hospital premises as best suited by the needs of the system.