We are hiring

If you have exceptional coding skills, and a knack for problem solving, a 9-5 boring job is not for you. Join us in building a better, tech-driven tomorrow.

Building Next Gen Software systems on Cloud, IoT, and AI

Every day for last 2 years, We are making business operations for our clients scalable and efficient using advanced and modern day technology such as Cloud, AI, and IoT. We work with businesses from industries to help them have the most advanced technology backend

At Connection Loops, you'll constantly be surrounded by amazing people who will challenge you, help you to grow, and together you'll be creating impactful tech-driven solutions for the people around you.

Don't have a strong programming background?

No Worries! You can join our programming courses to acquire the necessary skills

Open Positions : Backend

  1. Sound knowledge of ASP.NET Core, C#, RESTful APIs
  2. Experience in handling large production databases on SQL Server
  3. Familiarity with any 2 of Microsoft Azure services: Blob Storage, Service Bus, Azure VM, App Services, Azure Functions, Azure ML
  4. Basic experience in native development in C# (any of windows services, WCF, WinForms)

Open Positions : Front End

  1. Sound knowledge of React.JS with typescript
  2. Mastery over modern day front end development, HTML, CSS, and web standards, and modern patterns
  3. Knowledge of package managers such as npm, yarn
  4. Knowledge of build tools such as webpack
  5. Good sense of design elements

Open Positions : App Development

  1. Mastery over Flutter and Dart
  2. Past experience in any of native app development on Android / iOS platform.
  3. Knowledge of SQLite, push notifications, modern design patterns


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