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Cloud apps, android & iOS apps, web apps, microservices, AR & VR models, AI/ML solutions and data analytics applications

Clients of Connection Loops

Who are our clients ?

Startups are our favorite, we have worked with a lot of them both small and big. We have worked with hospitals, pathology labs, clinics as well as individual professionals like doctors, accountants, architects, and interior designers. We have worked with farmers, small shop owners, educational institutes, real estate firms, as well as ad agencies. Over the past 3 years we have worked on numerous projects covering a wide variety of scale, markets, and consumers.

And what did we do for them ?

Cloud, web, and mobile app developments form the core of our service offerings. However, we do far more than just developing these apps, we close the entire loop, and deliver value to our clients to grow their businesses.
We partner with promising start-ups to help them develop their dream idea, right from prototyping to MVP to full fledged production development contributing significantly as if its our own product. We have continuous development contracts for development of the entire digital platform for our clients.
In the critical industries such as healthcare, we have developed next generation LIMS and HIMS systems that process millions of records per year. Many businesses run their core operations on the platforms develope by us.

Clients of Connection Loops

How much do we charge

We have worked with a wide range of pricing models such as

  • One time development cost
  • Monthly installments
  • Monthly / Annual Subscriptions
  • Revenue sharing with zero down payment
Money is not our primary objective, creating great products that progresses our society is. We never turn down a project because of money, instead we'll get all creative and find a way to make it fair to both parties. Development is what we stand for in every sense of the word.

Our 3 pointer code of conduct

We work with a 3 pointer code of conduct:

  1. ✔️ We have empathy: every deal we make is focused on creating value for you, and not at all a way for us to earn money.
  2. ✔️ Things change: We understand requirements can change, and are flexible enough to accommodate them
  3. ✔️ We keep our word: Regarding timelines, regarding code quality.

In essence...

We provide technology development services to businesses of all sizes, and work with a wide variety of modern technologies to streamline any business use case or solve any complex problem, at a price point that works for you, and we do this better than anyone you have ever met.

Convinced? Still in doubt ?

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